What is Lenders Coin?

Disadvantages of Common Lending

1:High debt rate
2:Funds(※5) are unavailable during the lending period
3:Need to bear with price fluctuations of cryptocurrency during the lending period


By just holding LEND tokens, token holders will receive 75% of our profit (interest*6 ) earned by lending.


Lending operation*7 and risk diversification are managed by professionals - no work for token holders!


Lending borrowers are primarily restricted to highly-trusted exchanges or companies, to minimize the risk of losing funds.


There is no restriction on the investment period. When you want to end your participation in our lending program, you can trade(※8) the coins at an exchange at any time (Lenders Coin plans to be listed on the exchanges in 2018).

Lenders Coin will return the maximum profit to contributors, by paying 75% of the profits we earn from professional lending. It is our mission, through Lenders Coin’s professional lending, to provide an environment that anyone can use easily and securely manage their assets.

Profit Sharing

-Profit share will be paid once a month in ETH.
-75% of the profit*9 from cryptocurrency lending will be distributed. -The first payment is scheduled to be distributed at the end of April, 2018.
-Lenders Coin will aim to maximize profit and by lending cryptocurrency*10.

Token Sale Details

Lenders Coin Token (Symbol:LEND)
- Total supply : 200,000,000 LEND
- 1 LEND = 0.001 ETH
- Minimum purchase : 0.1 ETH

Token Distribution
Total distribution during ICO: 75,000,000 LEND
- Round 1: 40,000,000 LEND
- Round 2: 20,000,000 LEND
- Round 3: 15,000,000 LEND

Earlier the purchase, the more bonus tokens you receive!
・1st Round (first 10 days ONLY) . . . . . + 20% bonus
・1st Round (rest of the period) . . . . . + 15% bonus
・2nd Round (all period) . . . . . + 10% bonus
・2nd Round (all period) . . . . . no bonus

We're here to help! If there is anything we can support you with, please do not hesitate to e-mail us.

We're here to help! If there is anything we can support you with, please do not hesitate to e-mail us.

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*1: The term "operation" is used in order to help you understand and does not correspond to the term "operation" as used in the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act.

*2: The term "dividend" is used in order to help you understand what is happening. As will be described later, the dividends in this system are based on the number of coins you hold. Therefore, it does not correspond to the term “dividend” in the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, nor as used in the Capital Subscription Law. However, virtual currencies do not have any legal interpretation from previous rulings in judicial cases or other means of determining their function. Therefore, it is possible that future rules or laws or judicial rulings about virtual coin systems may have an impact.

*3: The term "discretionary" is used makes it to easy to understand and does not have the meaning given in the "Discretionary Investment Contract" section of the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act. If there is change in laws and regulations in the future, it is possible that the management of this system will need to be changed.

*4: The term "Interest" is used to make it easy to understand. The government’s present interpretation is that virtual currency is not "money", so the term "interest" as described by the Money Lending Business Act and the Interest Rate Restriction Law does not apply to our program. However, there is a possibility that certain restrictions will be imposed on the interest earned from virtual currencies in the future in light of the general principles of the Civil Code (Civil Code Article 90, public order and morals violation).

*5: The term "Fund" is used to make it easier for you to understand and does not refer to the virtual currency that you hold.

*6: As above *4

*7: As above *1

*8: The term "Trade" means that you can exchange your coins for other virtual currency that is listed on the exchange.

*9: The term "Profit" is used in order to help you understand. “Profit” means the increase earned by changing from one virtual currency to another.

*10: "Maximize profit" refers to the prospective virtual currency earned through virtual currency lending and does not promise profit in physical currency. The exchange price of virtual currency for statutory currency (so-called money such as Japanese yen, US dollar, Chinese Yuan Renminbi, Euro etc.) is not stable. There is a possibility that the value of the virtual currency you have on deposit may drop due to a crash in virtual currency value.